My first Burning Man was an amazing and unforgettable experience. It totally awoke my creative mind which gave birth to this poem:

Welcome to Burning Man!
Dive into the fairy tale!
Listen to Black Rock City's fable,
And let the magic of life happen.

In the shinny streets full of dust,
Go beyond your crust.
Give the best of yourself,
No, there's no more place for selfishness.

Dream like a child
And be wild, wild!
Hug everyone,
Love is everywhere!

Let's go!
It's time to ride your lightning horse,
Just dive into the night,
No plan is the best plan.

O my god!
Daft Punk is playing at the Trash Fence!
O their funk is so intense!
And who cares if it's a fake?

Gigantic monsters are coming to you,
Throwing fire in the sky,
Sounds coming from their dancing hearts.

In this jungle of wild and shining animals,
Let the rising sun warm you up,
Each one is a bright star full of love,
Surrounded by constellations from above.

There's no past.
No future.
It's just...

NOW is the day to be OK.
NOW is the time to DREAM, so like a wolf, scream!
NOW is the time to be alive, so LIVE!
NOW is the time to free what you really wanna BE.

Love is flowing in you veins,
And from your raising hands,
Bless the people from all lands,
With hippiness and happiness.

Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn.

- The Funky French

PS: Thanks to this experience and severals years of travel, I found more meaning in my life and decided to become a tool to transform others.
This is why I am putting all my energy on The Yoga Summit, an online event to help people to become happier, healthier and more peaceful. Feel free to check it out!

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