If you are considering van life, read this now, just to make sure you can really handle it!

1. You will never be sure where home is.

And then you'll realize that you are sitting in it, because home is where you park it!

2. You might get stuck in rivers.

But you'll also cross some!

image by @ingridimagineimage / @down_theline

3. You will not like some places.

But you'll just have to start your van to explore new ones.

4. You will drive a lot, which can be incredibly tiring.

But when this happens, you'll just have to stop your van and jump on the couch.

5. If you drive an old van, you won't be able to hear anything while the engine is running.

But when you'll stop it, you'll hear the sound of the waves and of the tweets of the birds in the palm trees.

6. Laundromats will be hard to find.

But you won't need it that much, as you'll only be wearing a swimsuit and flip-flops.

7. You will have to repair your van a lot.

But you'll get better mechanic skills.

8. Sometimes you will feel like the only person on earth, which can make you feel lonely.

But it also means that you are the temporary king or queen of this wild and deserted place.

9. Reliable internet will sometimes be tricky to find.

But you'll discover how good it feels to be disconnected.

10. You will constantly have to refill your van with groceries, water, gas, and propane.

But that means you'll have provisions to explore the wild.

11. Your van will get stuck. A lot.

But those who free you will become new friends, and you'll have a lot of fun at the same time!

12. Living in such a tiny space will start to drive you crazy.

But then you'll open the door and see how wide your playground is.

13. At night when the waves are big, their noise will prevent you from sleeping.

But you'll know that the next day will be a good day to surf.

image by @ingridimagineimage / @down_theline

Ok, well, you understood it, you'll most probably love van life the same way we do!