Along the journey of your life, you sometimes have the luck to meet people like Jake Moss. A person who is so in tune with the flow of life that all that he touches becomes magic, should it be plants, food, or surfboards. And his last idea could change the world of surfing.

Jake has been a surfboard shaper for more than 15 years in San Diego, California. After being immersed in the world of shaping for so long, he realized that the vast majority of the surfboards built today are made of materials which are extremely toxic for the environment. Furthermore, they're non-recyclable. And this is really ironic, knowing how surfers are concerned by the preservation of the environment.

So he made a commitment to find a better way to build surfboards and founded Moss Research.

He conducted extensive research over the course of several years, testing an array of new recycled and plant-based materials, and finally found a cleaner alternative.

Surfboards shaping experiments, using sugar cane foam, paulownia veneer, plywood scrap, hemp fabric and pine sap epoxy.

The Eco-Flex® surfboard was born.

This new process uses recycled foam and plant-based bio resins, the result being a superior, high performance, customizable, hand-shaped board that is 75% cleaner, 30% lighter, and lasts twice as long as industry standard Polyurethane/Polyester materials. And one last thing: it's recyclable.

It's basically the ultimate sustainable surfboard.

You can check on instagram the latests Eco-Flex boards.

Moss Research created a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to accelerate the transformation of the surfing industry with their Eco-Flex® surfboards. The collected money will help Moss Research expand its manufacturing facilities. It will also allow them to create educational eco-board building workshops for local schools, so that future generations of shapers will have the proper skills in hand. Last but not least, it will allow Moss Research to obtain an in-depth third party LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) to provide the industry with legitimate baseline metrics and transparency in evaluating the sustainability of their product.

The rewards for contributing to this Kickstarter project include Eco-Flex® boards, along with their amazing artist series ones, and ultimately, a one-on-one board shaping tutorial to shape your own Eco-Flex® board with guidance.

It is now time to help the planet and finally have sustainable surfboards!
So contribute to their kickstarter campaign to help the planet, and even get one of Jake's high performance, eco and green surfboards!